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Max and Quackers:
The Red Scar

(Under production)

Film noir inspired animatic. The two characters have been on the back of my head since 2020, but I decided to bring them to life while working on an Aardman academy exercise. In the end I enjoyed it so much that I decided to start working on it as a fully fledged animation short along my former classmates Sarah Elise Nickerson and Jay Setter. Stay tuned for more goofy animated characters living in very serious settings!

The Siege of Nebula

This is a long-term story telling and world-building project with the aim
of stablishing the foundations of a long format Space-opera type of story

 Siege of Nebula: Gallery

A compilation of sketches and  development materials that I have produced for this idea over the last 3 years.

In the last two animatics I have focused on developing the story's premise and general feel, with few character interactions. These characters however do exist and future animatics will focus more on them. Until then, here you can have a glimpse of how they might look like!

Helluva Boss Fan animatic (2023)

Gallery: development materials

Character 1
Snip board 1
Snip board 2

Dee The Spider Animatic (2021)

Dee The Spider Short Film (2021)

Tachanka! (2021)

Wanna check my other work?  have a look!



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